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Riddle Me This: 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Riddles

Posted by Laura Bentz on Nov 29, 2016

Riddles have been around for a long time, and are designed to tease the mind and make a person think outside the box. This quirky word play has been incorporated into nursery rhymes and stories for children as well as mind-challenging tasks for adults. Here are 3 things you didn’t know about riddles so you can really appreciate the cleverness that go into each and every one of these stunning little word problems. The hardest riddle is solved by children Did you know that a majority of Harvard students cannot guess the correct answer to the hardest riddle in the world, but 84% of kindergarten students can come up with the correct response in 6 minutes or less? If your answer is ‘No’, you might be closer to this ‘polarizing’ riddle than you’d think. This puzzling riddle is quirky and fun, not to mention a real brain buster. Once you know the answer though, you wonder how you could have missed it the first time. The Greeks came up with riddles While no one knows for sure exactly which riddle is the oldest in the world, it is known that Greek mythology is to credit for riddles in general. Riddles are known to go back as far as 600 B.C. or later. The oldest known riddle is said to have been derived from the Riddle of the Sphinx and is even mentioned in biblical resources. The first recorded riddle was much later, in 1650 B.C. and is a favorite...

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3 Fun Reasons To Rent A Photo Booth

Posted by Laura Bentz on Sep 8, 2016

Whenever you are hosting some type of party, event, or other gathering where you are going to be inviting a good amount of people, it is important that you have things for them to do. One source of entertainment that many people love is a photo booth. Taking pictures for fun is an enjoyable thing for most people, and they will likely love the whole photo booth setup. This article will discuss 3 fun reasons to rent a photo booth.  A Costume Party Whether you are having a dress up party that is themed or if you are doing a Halloween party, you are going to have a lot of guests dressed up in some pretty awesome costumes. Since everyone has gone to the trouble of getting all decked out for your party, it can be a super fun idea to document their costumes. The perfect way to do this is to rent a photo booth. Each couple, family, or person that comes to your party can hop into the photo booth and take some fun pictures. They will then have their own personal pictures that will be printed out so that they can remember your fun party and their awesome costume forever. A Wedding Reception Another awesome event where your guests will absolutely love having a photo booth is a wedding reception. The photo booth is going to be great for both you and them. It will be great for you because it will help you to remember...

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Six Fun Facts You Probably Never Knew About Pianos And Piano Tuning

Posted by Laura Bentz on Jul 11, 2016

Whether you own a piano or simply appreciate fine piano music, you may not know much about the piano’s history or about the piano tuning profession–a vital role in piano performance. Here are six fun facts that you can use to impress your musical friends. 1. Pianos are a fairly recent invention. If you own a piano, you likely take it for granted that the instrument has been around forever; after all, those Classical and Romantic compositions for piano go centuries back, right? True, but until around the end of the18th Century, the harpsichord was a much more popular instrument, at home and in the concert hall, and the pianoforte (as it was known then) was in its infancy. Most people tuned their own harpsichords, which was much easier than tuning a piano, due primarily to the reduced string tension of the former. Gradually, music lovers realized that the harpsichord had little dynamic variation because of its very percussive action, and it produced poor volume in larger residential rooms or music halls. This paved the way for the increased popularity of the pianoforte during the 19th Century. 2. Early piano tuners had a complicated job. Those early pianos were constantly changing as the technology improved, and piano tuning was quickly left to professionals. They had a tough job trying to keep up with all the different sizes and shapes. Did you know that most early grand pianos were square shaped? 3. Many White House residents have had pianos. Many...

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4 Types Of Custom Picture Frames Ideal For Food Lovers

Posted by Laura Bentz on Apr 22, 2016

If you love to cook food or eat food, then you can celebrate your love with various decorations in the home. As you plan to decorate a kitchen, food frames can add fun touches and elements for walls, kitchen tables, or counter tops. The following four frame designs are ideal for food lovers and feature a number of fun designs. Nostalgic Food Frames Retro food designs can be used on the border of a frame design. For example, you can purchase a custom picture frame that features classic diner style food like milkshakes, french fries, and hamburgers. These frames are great for featuring classic photos or black and white photos that you have printed. Other classic food frame designs can include vintage soda logos or weathered international food designs. Food Packaging Shapes When ordering custom frame designs, you can choose frames that are actually in the shape of food designs. This can help the frames blend into your kitchen and create unique looks to feature all types of pictures. For example, you can purchase a frame in the shape of a bag of chips. When the frame is standing on its own, it will like a bag of chips on your counter. The center hole of the frame replaces the food logo with your pictures. Other packaging ideas include a fake box of cereal or the shape of a drink bottle. Collage Frames Use a variety of frame shapes and designs to feature collages of photos. Circular openings on...

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4 Tips For A Successful Best Man Speech

Posted by Laura Bentz on Feb 17, 2016

It is a great honor to be selected as the best man, thus earning you your place as your buddy’s right hand man. This honor does come with a price, though—the best man speech. Your job is to give a loving send-off to wedded bliss for your friend without offending anyone or making yourself look like a fool. If you’re worried about this responsibility, the following tips will help you avoid some common pitfalls. Tip #1: Keep It Short and Sweet A long speech can break the flow of the festivities, and it also increases the chances that you will say something you regret. Aim for a short speech, perhaps less than 5 minutes, so you can properly honor the groom without becoming long-winded. This means that any stories you share about the groom should also be short and sweet. Avoid the “inside jokes” that take awhile to set up, and instead opt for things that can be summed up in a few sentences or with a quick punchline. Tip #2: Manage Your Anecdotes Most best man speeches revolve around stories about the groom. As a general rule, limit yourself to one such anecdote and allow the rest of the speech to build around it. The reason is simple—if you are using a funny story, too many will turn your speech into a roast of the groom. If you are using an inspiring or uplifting story, sharing too many stories will lessen the impact. Tip #3: Leave Out Past...

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3 Tips To Make The Most Of Complimentary Casino Perks

Posted by Laura Bentz on Oct 27, 2015

Even if you’re not the most savvy gambler, you can make your next trip to the casino worth your time and money by taking advantage of the complimentary perks or “comps” that the casino offers. Most people are vaguely aware of comps and may have even taken advantage of a few free drinks or meals in their time at the tables. But a little research and effort can go a long way toward increasing your comp benefits beyond what you thought possible. Keep reading to discover three tips on how to make the most of your casino comps. Discovering Day-Long Specials All casinos have information on when in the month business is booming and when it’s a bit slow. During the latter times, they’ll seek to increase traffic by offering day-long promotions, during which comp points are doubled or even tripled for the entirety of the day. Targeting these days and playing as much as possible during them will have you earning as many comp points as you normally would during a week.  Getting Reduced Room Rates If you’re going on vacation and want to play at a specific casino, consider staying your first night at a cheap hotel. Then go to the casino associated with the hotel you actually want to stay in and put in a ton of action on your first day. When you’ve provided proof of having played for a substantial period of time, ask the pit boss about special room rates for casino players....

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Panning for Gold

Panning for gold is a fun family activity and an activity that children can enjoy while they are learning about American history and the gold rush.


Horseshoes is a popular game at picnics and parties all over the country. Players take turns tossing a horseshoe at a metal pole for points.

Haystack Search

A haystack search is an easy game. All you need is a haystack, something to hide in it and a few people to search through it.